Military Prayers

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in the military:

Specialist Travis Anderson,-U.S. Army
Brandon Chase Belcher--U.S. Army
PFC Michael Bender – US Army
Lt. Col. Henry D. Brown (Hank) - US Marines
PFC Heather Brown—U.S. Army
Michael Brucato--Navy EOD
Steven Conn--Pilot 
Joshua Deaton (Officer Dept of Defense working for 
Military in Kabul)
SSgt Jason Doyle--U.S. Air Force
SSG Russell (Rusty) Elliot—U.S. Army Reserve
Airman FC David Farris II—U.S. Air Force
First Lieut. Richard Foran,--Marines
Bill Fuson,--U.S. Marines
Lance Cpl. J.D. Gill—U.S. Marine Reserves
John Herriot, Jr. - U.S. Navy
Reed Hopperstad, U.S. Army
CPL D.J.Kerlin--U.S. Marines
Captain Jacob Leim—U.S. Army
Jon Leonard--Aircraft Mechanic
Nick Lester - U.S. Army
SGT Joshua Lively—TN Army National Guard
Chris Loflin—U.S. Special Forces
Warrant Officer Kyle Malone —U.S. Army Air Force
2nd Lt. Taylor Oliver Morris - U.S. Air Force
Josh Nokes--U.S. Air Force
Chaplain W. Michael Oliver – U.S. Army
Chief Warrant Officer Jeff Oosting—TN National Guard
SSGT Pietz Pearson US Army - Afghanistan
CW2 Douglas Pennington—Denver National Guard
Scotty Randolph--National Guard
Major Paul Roley—U.S. Army
Specialist Christopher Scott Sawyers - U.S. Army - Afghanistan
1st Lt. Eric Scherrer—U.S. Marines
Seaman Mike Seites--U.S. Navy
Medic Lucas Shaffer—U.S. Army
Major Mike Spikes—U.S. Army Chaplain
Captain James Summerville--USAF/ANG
PFC Tim Tant--US Army
Lt. Josh Thurman—U.S. Navy
SB1 Christopher Turley--US Navy Petty Officer First Class
1st LT Kevin Van Dam - US Air Force - Korea
1st Lt Justin Van Dam - US Army - Korea
Captain Erin Van Oosten - US Air Force 
Lance CPL Mario Veloz—U.S. Marines
PFC Richard Veloz—U.S. Marines
PFC Chance Wagonfield —U.S. Army
PFC Pritchard Walker–US Marines
First Lt. Bryan Williams—U.S. Air Force
President Barack Obama - Commander In Chief