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Educational Seminar

Dr. Alan Windham, a specialist with the UT Extension office in Nashville at the Ellington Agricultural Center, and member of CCC, will be leading an educational seminar sponsored by Stewards Garden on plant diseases.  Seminar will be from 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. on April 26 in room B-111.  Seminar is free and is open to not only Steward Garden members, but anyone in the church who would like to know more about caring for plants.  Bring a friend too – all are welcome!

2014 Garden Registration

Consider signing up yourself or a group such as several families, a Home Fellowship group, Sunday School class, scouts, youths, or other small group. Planting season kicks off April 19, 2014.

The Stewards Garden Board will prepare the land, weather permitting, the first weeks of April. The land will be disk turned and sectioned off into patches that measure 12 x 12 ft. Water is available at the garden. There are also a limited number of square foot gardens (raised beds) available. You do not need to know how to garden to participate. We have experts that are available to guide and instruct participants.  There is a $20 participation fee for CCC members and $35 for non-CCC members.

For more information or to sign up to participate email Marion Seaton or Mike Felts.

Stewards Garden at Christ Community Church was created to demonstrate Gospel stewardship by enabling CCC members to grow produce and other bounty on CCC property for the benefit and nurturing of our families, our communities, and others who may be in need.

In these gardens, families are able to garden their own patches with whatever annual vegetables and flowers they choose. Not only does produce grow, but a new sense of community grows as families and individuals get to know each other by working toward a common goal. Patches range in size from 12 ft * 12 ft to as large as 12 ft. * 24 ft. You do not need to know how to garden to participate. We have experts standing by and lots of links below to help at every turn.

In 2010, we added a new dimension to gardening. Square Foot Gardening in raised beds are now offered.

We will be posting links to helpful resources, gardening how-to videos, as well as updates to this site so be sure to visit it frequently.

Gardening Opportunities

Below is a list of the different gardening opportunities that groups may want to participate in.

Family Gardens At the core of why we are doing this, the family garden allows for the generation of food for the family and serves as a medium for teaching children about farming and food. The family garden also enables communing with other family gardeners while in the field or on the Stewards Garden website.

Home Fellowship Group Gardens Like any other group, this can be a focal point of effort for a HFG. The objectives include using cultivation activity to encourage community, and movement toward a common goal; i.e. producing food for others or those within the HFG.

Sunday School Garden Individual or combinations of classes can cultivate gardens with the idea of producing bounty for groups consumption or distribution (free) to those in need.

Special Projects Garden Groups directly associated with CCC can mange gardens to generate produce as a special project. Scouts, Singles, Youths and other small groups can join to make this gardening a project.

CCC Flower Garden Plots dedicated to the raising of flowering plants that can be used to adorn the inside of the CCC Sanctuary. Brilliantly colored flowers with blooms produced throughout a growing season are preferred. Maintainers of this garden should schedule the picking and assembly of arrangements for the church.

Specialized Gardens There may be an interest in planting and growing a particularly challenging product. This will allow other CCC gardeners to enjoy specialized produce not easily produced by everyone.

Online Resources for participants of the Stewards Garden

We have found the following resources helpful with seed selection and general information on gardening. Simply click on the link and a new window will open so you can come right back here when you are through.


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