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In order to be succesful planting carrots, you need to start them from seed. You may start these at home or directly sow them into the garden. They also need loose sandy soil or they will come out crooked.  The best soil is equal parts of soil, sand, compost for the bed. Break up the soil before adding mixture.   Add three kinds of rock dust to soil mix and stir in well.

Rock Dust:

1. Ground limestone. This sweetens the soil and raises the Ph level.  High in calcium

2.Ground Granite meal has potassium and trace elements.

3.Rock Phosphate has calcium and trace elements.  Don't use super phosphates.

Spread all three rock dusts over the soil mixture you have added to raise bed.  Then mix it all up really well.  It's now ready for carrot seeds.  You can use the long handle of a hoe to imprint a row for the seeds.


alicson katich
# alicson katich
Monday, March 26, 2012 7:05 AM
I just transplanted my carrots from buckets to some rows in the garden. Should I give them some fertilizer and if so what kind?
- alicson katich

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