Student Ministry

The Student Ministry at Christ Community Church exists to see students' hearts captivated, cultured and challenged by the Gospel of grace.






Unique Distinctions

We are broken sinners in need of God's grace. As a ministry we are motivated by the Gospel and God's love, not by duty or some need to earn God's love.


We believe in faith alone through Christ alone. We submit to the Bible as the inerrant Word of God, and we subscribe to the Westminster Confession of Faith.


We are not a ministry driven only by programs. Jesus' entire ministry was based on relationships and we desire to model our ministry after His.

Discipleship Focused

We believe that God passes the Gospel story on through people. The best way for students to learn is through small groups. We call these groups D-groups (discipleship groups).

Team Based

It is vital for us to have the best staff and an army of trained volunteers to work with our students. We have 25+ leaders who head up D-groups and work with our students.


The Goal:  A Gospel-Driven Student

  • who knows God as Father and Jesus as Savior
  • who has a heart that cries out to God in prayer
  • who has been taught the whole counsel of God
  • who has a Christian worldview
  • who sees others as more important that himself or herself
  • who lives missionally and out of brokenness
  • who transitions well into college and adult life
  • who continues attending "big church"
  • who is a life-long disciple of Christ and who disciples others


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James Sweeting
Interim Director of Student Ministries
Kim Lynch
Administrative Assistant