Room in the Inn

Who We Serve

At least half of Room In The Inn’s participants are temporarily or “first time” homeless. Generally, they are working poor who have suffered setbacks like job loss, illness, loss of transportation and divorce.  The other fifty percent of our participants are chronically homeless. They often face one or more serious issues, including mental illness, addiction and physical disabilities.  Many of Room In The Inn’s participants are military veterans. In the United States, nearly one-third of homeless adults are veterans.

The challenges that most of us face on a daily basis are difficult enough with adequate support and resources. When the poor and homeless lack such assistance, maintaining housing and employment makes their survival overwhelming and financially devastating.  Through Room In The Inn, they access programs that meet their emergency needs, support them through transitional periods, and lead them back towards self-sufficiency and long-term success.

How You Help
  • Room In The Inn serves more than 4,000 individuals each year: some for just one day, many for weeks or months at a time.
  • Room In The Inn serves, on average, more than 400 people each day.
  • We serve 90% men and 10% women.
  • According to the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission, our city has an “average” number of homeless persons compared to comparable cities.
  • 30% report being employed, but unable to obtain housing.
  • Nashville’s Room In The Inn program has served as a model for similar initiatives in 18 other cities across the United States and Canada.
  • With successful programs like Workforce Development, hundreds of individuals have been successfully placed in jobs in the Nashville area.
  • Each year, through our downtown Campus and over 180 religious congregations we provide more than 60,000 beds, 50,000 showers, 100,000 meals, and 28,000 bus passes, with the help of more than 6,000 volunteers.
  • Room In The Inn offers more than 3,000 classes equaling more than 44,000 instructional hours annually, covering subjects ranging from spirituality to GED preparation.
CCC's Room in the Inn Ministry

Christ Community Church will host 15 homeless men the first and third Sunday each month from November through March. There are many things we provide for the men--a wonderful meal, a hot shower, hair cuts, laundry service, a clean bed, a hearty breakfast, a sack lunch, but the most important thing we give them is love.

At Christ Community, our Room In The Inn program is truly a family affair. It is a wonderful time to fellowship with folks from our CCC family as we serve others.

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Thank You Letter

Click Here to read a thank you letter to the volunteers from Room in the Inn

April 27, 2008 

Christ Community
1215 Hillsboro Road
Franklin, TN  37069 

Greetings to All at Christ Community: 

The biting winds and darkness of winter have given way to sunshine and gentle breezes.  Once brown and gray, the landscape is colored with new greens, bright pinks, and the bold colors of renewal and rebirth.  Everywhere there are reminders of hope because we have survived another winter. 

There are thousands in Middle Tennessee who testify to the hope of new life by taking part in Room In The Inn.  Today we celebrate this ministry among 156 congregations.

From November 1, 2007, through March 31, 2008, more than 1,200 individual guests participated in Room In The Inn, more than 28,000 beds were provided, more than 60,000 meals were served and more than 20,000 showers offered.  All this would have not been possible without the more than 17,000 volunteers who gave more than 92,000 hours of service.

These 1,200 individuals represented cold, hungry, tired people in need.  A few were angry; some resigned; most were kind, good-natured and generous.  The 17,000 volunteers came from all age groups and all walks of life.  They volunteered as drivers, cooks, servers of meals, shoppers for food.  They broke bread with their guests, listened to their stories and watched over them through the night. 

At the end of their shifts, the volunteers went home to warm houses, food they had chosen themselves, and the same beds they sleep in every night.  At the end of the season, the homeless guests went back to the streets of Nashville.  But the connection the volunteers and guests made with each other—a connection born of mutual respect and the recognition of a common humanity—remains intact. 

Some of your guests shared these remarks about Christ Community: 

"I feel very at home there.  I enjoy talking with volunteers. – Lawson Motton I sleep so comfortably and so soundly there.  They go out of their way to make you comfortable."- David Gooch

 Today we recognize God’s grace of hospitality proclaimed through Room In The Inn. 

Gratefully yours, 

Charles Strobel
Founding Director

Rachel Hester
Executive Director