Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of you volunteers?

Yes. We don't pay any of the worship team volunteers or sound techs. These are people donating time just as in many other ministries at CCC.

Do I have to audition?

Typically we ask that interested people attend a Saturday rehearsal after they have contacted David. This helps people get a feel for the "pace" of the rehearsal and assess themselves in the process. This is strictly to observe the process.

While we don't necessarily "audition", you may be asked to sing something familiar or play something if you're a musician.

Do I have to be a member of CCC to participate?

No.We do ask that you have regularly attended CCC for at least 6 months and consider CCC your church home.

How do I get involved in the music teams that lead in the worship services each week?

Contact David Hampton at to set up a time to meet and discuss your interests.

I don't feel comfortable being one of only a few singers.Where else can I serve with my music at CCC?

We work with a number of ministries within the church that need musical leadership in some form.We need children's choir and music leaders for our Wednesday evening children's programs.Each summer, our annual Family Bible Adventure uses worship and music leadership.We use people to lead worship in children's ministry each Sunday.We have teams that take music into nursing homes, prisons, on mission trips, retreats, and a variety of other places.

Is everyone a "professional" musician/singer?

Not everyone who participates with us makes their living in a music related field.Many have a background in music but make their living in a variety of ways.We do have a number of people who are working professionally in many areas of music related fields, but it is not a prerequisite to participating in the worship ministry.

My gifts and experience are more on the technical side of music. How can I get involved with the volunteers who work with sound, video, projection, lighting, etc.?

We use a number of volunteers in our booth each week.If you have a technical background in sound, lighting, video, etc. we would love to plug in your gifts. We need people who are able to run projection, help set and tear down the stage for special events, and record the services as well as engineer the main console and monitor mixes.If you are interested in being part of our technical team, please contact Brent Cundall at

When do you rehearse?

We rehearse every Saturday at 9 AM - 11:30 AM in the worship center. This allows us to have minimal time between the rehearsal and the actual Sunday services. David usually sends song selections and lyrics during the week, giving people ample time to prepare new or "featured" songs and become familiar with songs they may not already know.

Why is the service format one that includes so much music, even throughout the message?

We are being very intentional about helping people "connect the dots" when it comes to our corporate worship.Our entire worship service is designed to accentuate certain points at certain times in the services, helping the worshipper engage on as many levels as possible.We use artwork to coincide with the message and music.We use certain feature music that accentuates certain points of the message.We won't shy away from using music from a variety of genre's and styles to compliment the theme of the day.We want to drive home the point that we are all part of something bigger than just the here and now.Sometimes, in order to accomplish that, we need to use songs from the culture that ask a lot of questions.