Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Arts Guild?

The Arts Guild is a group of individuals interested in the arts of any kind such as, but not limited to, dance, drama, videography, photography, sculpting, music, decorating, carpentry, etc. It is made up of those interested in serving & giving of their time & gifts. It is also for those who are patrons of the arts & are interested in communications of art-related happenings.

What purpose does The Arts Guild serve?

We exist to offer a means of connection for all types of artists by learning what giftings & interests exist in our body & by offering groups, classes, forums, etc. When we have an opportunity to serve, we depend on The Guild members for support. It is also a means of communication for those interested in being on the information list.

How do I become involved with The Arts Guild?

By signing up. Once we have your name, contact information, & interests we can add you to the database.

Do I have to serve or can I just sign up to receive arts-related communications?

You do not have to serve if you don't feel called right now. You may list your contact information & you will be on our email list.

Sign Up for The Arts Guild

If you are interested in information about upcoming Arts Guild events or would like to volunteer your talents and gifts to help serve, then please fill out the form by clicking the link below. By doing so you will receive this information in email.

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